Calling all health professionals - Are you ready for coaching?

You might be feeling stuck. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to experience the joy you used to feel. Or maybe you are feeling stressed or anxious a lot of the time. How ever you may be feeling I am here to guide you and walk alongside you as you begin your new journey. I use a caring compassionate curious approach to enable you to embrace a new kinder way of being.

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What I do

Coaching offers you the opportunity to explore what matters most to you. We will look at what you value in life and how knowing this will help to guide you where you want to go. I offer bespoke coaching which is individualised to each client I see. There will be some beliefs that we will uncover to enable you to let them go so they no longer hold you back. Are you ready to try this? Or maybe you are feeling burnt out then try my burn out self metre below. 

Kathy will guide you on an incredible journey

  • I listen to you without judgement so you can move through your fears
  • I provide a safe place to share your thoughts and beliefs
  • I help you identify what values are out of alignment so that you know which ones are most important for you. 
  • I work with you to create a vision to move forward at whatever pace you need
  • My focus is to enable you to own your ongoing journey of discovery and growth.

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