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Hello there. September is just around the corner so my focus for this months newsletter is on Spring and oh what a spring kinda day it is today. I have just been caught in a hail storm!  How can you use September as your month to spring yourself into action and launch yourself into some deeper work. What's been annoying you over the winter months? Is there a nagging problem that is keeping you stuck? Are you really... enjoying your life, your work or do you feel overwhelmed by eve...

August 27, 2020

Nursing Heros

Having been a nurse for over 30 years I was surprised to hear one of my colleagues say that she felt the media hype about “Nurses being Heroes” over the COVID 19 pandemic didn’t reflect how it actually was for her. This comment has stayed with me over the past month and I have reflected on it a number of occasions. At the same time it was put into perspective further when I read how many nurses had died in the United Kingdom (UK) during the last few months. Over 100 nurses and support work...

July 2, 2020


Lately I have been thinking more about resilience in Health Care Professionals and especially in Nurses. I was speaking to two younger members of our profession who have been nursing for about five years and they both told me about how close they have come to leaving nursing behind. One thought about going back to University to study accounting, and all I could think about was the great loss to our profession of such a talented young person. The other decided to take a break and go travelling. S...

May 4, 2020

Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID)

I was having a phone conversation yesterday with a very dear friend who was telling me that she had found a lump in her breast before Christmas. She is getting the lump removed next week. When I asked her how she was feeling about this health scare she made a comment about me, and how I always show up with a smile on my face even though I live with a chronic condition. She thought if I can do that, then she will too.This got me thinking so I have decided to write about my health condition and ho...

May 4, 2020


Covid-19 is beginning to have an impact on our daily life in New Zealand. It is comforting to see what the government has done to restrict the spread of the disease. Additionally this is an important time for you all to think about self-care, especially those that work in healthcare environments. You don’t have the choice of working from home like many others do. You have to go to work for your shifts and I know that there will be a certain level of fear amongst you about contracting this viru...

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