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Goal setting

I find November a month when I am able to reflect back on my year and see what I have achieved to then allow me to plan for next year. This allows me to set goals for 2022. This is why I am busy working on my strategic plan for 2022. I have experienced huge growth in my coaching business this year and feel I want to spread the word more widely about the effectiveness of coaching in helping people reach heights they didn’t believe they could get to.

My latest newsletter focuses on bringing your sparkle back because we are the lead character in our lives so what’s holding you back from making changes? What’s one small decision that you can make today to change your life for the better? Could it be coaching? Coaching is often seen by some as a luxury item to have but I see it as the most beneficial tool to add to your self-care toolbox. I will see what belief is holding a person back and once we uncover this then they are free to find the magic they have been looking for. The best is ahead for all of us. Be willing to put the work in to achieve great results for yourself.

As we start a new year, goal setting is typically on the radar for many. While the initial motivation for change may be high, statistics show most New Year’s resolutions are broken. Those people who write down goals are ten times as likely to achieve them. Having no goals will have an impact on what you can achieve in your lives. So, here’s a good reminder of how to set goals that are achievable. I have adapted the SMART acronym to suit me better in coaching, borrowing from others that I have learned from.

Specific – Do not set vague or poorly defined goals like “I’ll be more loving.” Instead, be specific: “I’ll give my partner/husband/lover a good long hug when I get home from work.” In other words, specify the overt or covert behaviour you will do.

Motivated by values – double check that this goal is aligned with the values you wish to live your meaningful life by.

Adaptive – a fancy word for wise. Is this a wise goal to pursue? As far as you can tell, is it likely to improve your life?

Realistic – Make sure the goal is realistic for the resources you have available to you.  These resources may include money, time, physical health, social support, knowledge and skills. While some goals are unrealistic - this is not to say one shouldn’t dream big—you may be the exception to the rule! My strategy is to consider if the goal—including the expansiveness and desired timing—feels true to, and aligned with, me. I consider the odds, stay open to feedback from others, and always trust my gut!

Time-framed – Put a specific time frame on the goal: actually specify the day date and time – as accurately as possible – that you will take the proposed actions.

I know that achieving small sustainable goals through the year will have a profound effect on who you are. If you would like help to achieve the next best thing for yourself then make contact so we can plan your 2022 together. With the support of a coach, you will achieve amazing results. Who’s ready? 


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