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​I’m an activator. You might ask what’s that?

I am feeling thoughtful today as I write this blog. I have been thinking about how I work with clients. When I began coaching, I felt I needed to sell myself as a particular type of coach, now I have figured out that I don’t fit into a particular coaching box and that the way I coach is unique to me. I know I gel well with people who work in healthcare because I know what they are experiencing very well, however that does not limit me to just working with them. In fact, many of my clients come from very different backgrounds to mine. Does it make me any less effective as a coach? No, it doesn’t because I know that I walk alongside my clients to help them rediscover themselves. Walking alongside someone means that I am there to listen, to explore what might be holding them back and to allow them the space they require to know that whatever they wish to do is completely okay. We are often so scared of what the little voice inside our head is saying that we won’t challenge ourselves to try something different. I am here to calm that inner voice down.

For many years we have been conditioned to follow the norms of society and I feel that has dulled us down. It’s now time to step forward and explore ourselves. Therefore, I help my clients get to know themselves in a kind and compassionate way. This encompasses self-care, self-love and balancing your energies. I see that everyone has the potential inside of them, they might just not have found it yet. When we believe and work like the best is ahead, things change for the better.

I want you to ask yourself this simple question today “What am I giving myself permission to do or be?” Today I gave myself the permission to be me. I don’t have to be anyone but myself and I’m excited to be myself. I love the fluidity that being me gives and I am really enjoying working with my clients in this way too.

If you are ready to come and work with me then 2022 is the year to do this. Come along and be activated by working with me.


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