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Hi I’m Kathy and I empower health professionals to connect back into their own lives and pleasures so that they can feel like themselves again, whilst still serving their communities. 

I help you to gain tfreedom from overwhelm, find confidence in yourself, work better with other people and lead a life you desire. 

I am an experienced Healthcare professional having worked as a Registered Nurse, Supervisor, Educator, Mentor, and Manager in both the Public and Private Health Sector. While nursing, I specialised in  intensive care and then moved into education and leadership roles. It was as an educator and mentor for nurses that I realised my passion for helping others to succeed and shine in all aspects of their life. I have mentored many nurses through their post-graduate studies and the challenging experiences they face in their work. 

I have a special interest in working with Registered Nurses who are new to the workforce. There is growing evidence to suggest that these nurses are struggling in their work environments and by having a supportive mentor/coach they are more likely to stay with the career they have chosen. 

The passion I discovered for helping others led me to train as a Life and Abundance coach where I can now fulfil my own goals and aspirations by encouraging, inspiring, and motivating others to fulfil theirs.Supporting me in my life is Neil, my husband of over 28 years, and my three adult children. 

"Compassion, Commitment and Curiosity"

I LOVE building relationships and trust with my clients, to create an inclusive, and warm environment where they can implement change and achieve their desired goals. And I love working with health professionals who simply want to feel better about themselves, their work and improve their overall well-being.

In supervision and life coaching , I use techniques such as, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy. These will help identify, clarify and create a vision for what you want. This opens you, the client up to self-discovery and growth.

I endeavour to help you explore what strategies best suit you to implement a plan of action based on your own  goals, personality and vision using a values based approach. I will take you on mind opening experiences to help you fulfill your dreams. 

These aspects of the process all work together to allow you to maximize your potential.

If you would like to live a more succinct and ordered life, where you will be able to achieve all you set out to do then....

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