Benefits of Coaching

As your life coach I will help you to:

  • Gain clarity about what you want
  • Improve confidence in yourself
  • Overcome obstacles, fear and insecurities to set you ahead of the pack
  • Guide you in implementation of your goals
  • Recognise the possibilities for your life ahead
  • Create a plan to reach your goals faster
  • Hold you accountable for your plans

“A coach’s ability to offer objective, yet highly tailored feedback and support makes a fundamental difference in creating lasting change. And even after a coaching engagement has ended, the client of a great coach can access their own inner coach to guide their choices with emotional intelligence.”

Daniel Coleman

Grief and loss coaching

New offering

I offer a bespoke programme to help you deal with grief and loss. This might be loss of your health, loss of someone close to you, loss of your job, or the loss of a relationship. I have learnt that we tend to not want to deal with the pain that grief and loss causes so we just don't deal with it well. I will help you learn techniques to allow you to move through this process in a much gentler way. Using self-compassion and carefully allowing you to experience the emotions you are feeling. If you would like to know more please contact me below to book a free exploration call. 

Difference between Therapy and Coaching


  • Coaching is action orientated
  • Coaches want to help you recognise what you think
  • Coaching helps you set and achieve goals
  • A coach has the job to challenge you frequently
  • Coaches focus on the present and future
  • A coach is focused on YOUR potential 
  • Coaches are trained in helping clients move forward in life


  • Therapy is coping orientated
  • Therapy focus on past traumas and issues to change self-destructive habits, repair and improve relationships and work through painful feelings. 
  • Therapy focuses on the past and on introspection and analysis, with the hope of resolving past issues and creating a happier, more stable future. 

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