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Stepping out of your comfort zone

Today I am sitting at my desk on a sunny Sunday afternoon because I am feeling so excited about getting the word out about change. I have never been afraid of change and some people may even call me a little reckless at times - but hey that’s me and I am also prepared to fail. I would have started this crazy business from scratch if I wasn't going to face the fear of failing, because my brain has told me many times that this is too hard and perhaps you should go back to a well paid comfy job because there are plenty out there for nurses at the moment but I don't want to do that because I am here for a purpose. A soul driven purpose that gets me up each morning to make a difference to the lives other people. And especially those people that I know so well, healthcare workers. You are the reason I wanted to start this business because I see so much potential in all of you, that perhaps you don’t always see yourself. I have worked with so many great nurses who doubted their ability to pursue post graduate study and then a few years later they have completed a Masters degree and many are now working as Nurse Practitioners. I always believed in them, even though many came to my office door in tears with the struggles they found. This week I will be talking to some of these students again as a guest lecturer and I will make sure that I believe in all of them too (via Zoom).

Spring is just around the corner and it is a perfect time for you to think about what changes you might like to make. Would you like to step out of your comfort zone? It seems really timely for me to talk about this as I received a message this morning from a client who has secured a new job. She is one of several that after working with me have moved into new positions. They have found the courage to do this by working with me and exploring options that they may not have thought were available to them. Often, we stay in jobs that we don’t love because we worry about not being able to earn a living by doing something that we love. Now if you are a regular reader of my newsletters, you will know that our brains like to keep us safe and so stepping outside our comfort zone is not something that is easy to do. In my September newsletter I will give you some useful strategies to help you do this. I know personally the benefits of not believing everything my brain tells me. I would not have started a business from scratch if I had listened to my brain or even the advice that other people gave me (and well that’s another bug bear of mine) so I might just include that in a future piece.

So, I will leave you with this fantastic quote from James Clear “What comes naturally to me? For just a moment, ignore what you have been taught. Ignore what society has told you. Ignore what others expect of you. Look inside yourself and ask, "What feels natural to me? When have I felt alive? When have I felt like the real me?" No internal judgements or people-pleasing. No second-guessing or self-criticism. Just feelings of engagement and enjoyment. Whenever you feel authentic and genuine, you are headed in the right direction.”

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