As Your Supervisor I will Help You To:

  • Provide regular opportunities to reflect on your work, your self and your goals
  • Develop skills and strategies that allow you to be more effective in your role
  • Be validated and supported as a person and as a professional
  • Ensure that you are not left to carry alone difficulties and problems that arise as a result of the work that you do
  • Have the opportunity to offload and express personal responses/feelings that arise as a result of the work you do
  • Help you manage your workload and keep your eye on what is most important
  • Gain insight and understanding about why things turned out the way they did
  • Supervision allows you to be proactive not reactive.
  • To receive feedback and coaching in areas of emotional intelligence, attitudes, habits, personal qualities

Benefits of Supervision

“Supervision enables experienced professionals to achieve, sustain and creatively develop a high quality of practice through the means of focused support and development.” 

Bond and Holland (2011)


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